Day Of lash Appointment:

Makeup- It is best avoid eye makeup the day of your appointment if possible. Lashes adhere best to a squeaky clean surface so even a little bit on makeup in the way can shorten the longevity of  your set. You will have a chance to clean your eyes when you arrive but if you are cleaning off makeup from just hours before you may get it all. Even when you think you have all of your mascara off you really don't! One day of no mascara will make you appreciate your new lashes even more!

Caffeine- Drinking too much caffeine can make your eyes fluttery and hugely effect my work! Please, Please, Please limit your caffeine intake the day of your lashes. I can work a lot quicker and more efficiently if your eyes are still. Plus, dozing off during your appointment is the best part!

Headphones- Please feel free to bring headphones and listen to your own music or a podcast/book on tape. I need you as still as can be and good lashes take time so come prepared with something that will calm you and help pass the time. 

Dogs- I have a small dog named Pancake that I bring with me to work. If you have an issue/allergy with dogs please contact me ahead of time. She is the most people loving dog on the Planet but unfortunately doesn't love other dogs so please leave yours at home. 


I am located on the South East corner of Union and Gough above Ringolevio Salon. Go up two floors and enter suite #204. Door code will be included in your confirmation text- please use it to avoid knocking/ringing the doorbell. When you come in either have a seat in the waiting area or help yourself to the restroom. PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK ON MY DOOR (clients are usually sleeping). I will come out and get you at your appointment time. I will always send you a text message if I am running more than 5 minutes late so don't worry I know you're here:)

Parking- Union Street is infamous for tricky parking so plan ahead! If you have to drive you have a few options:

Metered Street Parking- If you are lucky enough to snag a spot on Union please make sure you put enough money in the meter to get you through the appointment. If you are getting a full set I suggest paying with your credit card and then taking a picture of the meter number and adding more time through the Pay by Phone app when that expires (I will do that part for you, just make sure you have the app downloaded and your cc info put in). Make sure to let me know at the beginning of your appointment if you are parked at a meter and if you are on a time limit so I can make sure I work evenly and get you out on time.

Residential Parking- These spots are easier if you go up the hill closer to the houses but are hit or miss. Make sure to read all signs and make sure not to block any driveways and or park in construction/street sweeping spots. 

Parking Garage- There are two paid parking garages on Union Street. One next to the Wells Fargo on Union and Laguna and one at the corner of Union and Buchanan; both are $20.